Are you a member of the R.A.?  Th Association does so much to protect or walking interests.  If not, we recommend that you join  The annual subscription is modest and the quarterly magazine makes interesting reading. Their telephone number is 020 7339 8500 or just click the link at the bottom of the "Home" page which takes you straight to their website.



While on roads please keep to the right hand side and walk in single file.  At all times use extreme caution, especially when approaching bends and crossing roads and in all circumstances where sight lines are obscured.  Every leader is advised to appoint a "back marker"



All walkers are strongly urged to carry their own first aid kit for use in case of injury.



We recommend that all walker carry a whistle.  This is important if any members become detached frm the main group.



Any member who has not previously led a walk and is nervous of starting on their own can always seek help from committee members or other leaders



Leaders cannot be expected to turn out in bad weather.  So if it is bad (either actually, or forecast) please phone the walk leader on that particular day to check that the walk is not cancelled.  Otherwise you may be the only walker to turn up.



Guests will be welcome.  They should be introdced to the leader before the walk starts.



Public Liabiity   As participants in a scheme arranged by the Ramblers Association, the Club, its oficers and members, are indemnified against claims arising out of accidental injury or damage to third parties or their material property as long as it is in connection with the activities of the Club, nd falls within the policy's terms and conditions.  This indemnity includes claims by a Club member against the Club itself or its officers.  The limit of the indemnity is £2,000,000 for any one occurrance.

Personal Accident  The Ramblers Association is unable to arrange a scheme providing personal accident insurance at an acceptable premium.  Members are therefore advised, if they so wish to take out their own personal accident insurance, or arrange the additional clause to any existing policy



The Club is not respnsible for any walker who leaves en route.



Please, will leaders always have a copy of the current walks programme in their car when leading.  This is so that any guest walkers can be show the scope of walks AND provided with the Membership Secretary's name and telephone number as the contact for membership application details etc.



Whenever possible please arrange to share a car to the location of a walk




Map Reading and Route Planning  -  for free tuition please contact John - 01425 272036

Website entries  & photos   -  Jan - 01425 628553

Commercial Activities :


  • Club clothing - polo, sweat shirts & fleeces with embroidered club logo

  • Milletts, Christchurch (discounts TBA)

  • If you holiday with Ramblers World Wide/Walking Partnership please quote the "Forest Rambling Club" to instigate the "funding reward" for our Club.

  • raffle przes please for our social events - donations always welcome 


Please contact: Janet Barnett on:  01425 628107


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