The Club provides a programme of organised walks in the New Forest area throughout the whole year.  On occasions venturing a little further afield going into Dorset and Wiltshire.  All locations are within a reasonable motoring distance from the New Milton/Christchurch area.  Walks take place 4 times a week which are set out below:


Wednesdays - 5 miles (an average/brisk pace)
Thursdays     - 3 miles (an amble pace)
Saturdays      - 5 miles (an average/brisk pace)
Sundays         - 7 - 10 miles (an average/brisk pace)


Rambles are designed to meet most abilities.  The 3 mile walks on Thursdays are suitable for those who maybe are just embarking on walking for the first time, or  who can only manage,  or wish to walk,  the shorter distances.  The Wednesday and Saturday walks are for persons of mixed ability, who wish to walk at a slightly brisker pace, but not to do a marathon!   The Sunday walks are much longer walks suitable for persons who like a brisker more challenging ramble.


The majority of our Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday walks are on fairly level terrain with just a few small hills to climb.  The Sunday walks can be more demanding, particularly if the walk takes place in the Purbecks area.

A programme of  walks is given to each member of the Club and also contained in the secured Members Section of this website.



Weather permitting,  at the end of the 3 or 5 mile walks we normally finish with a picnic lunch back at the cars.  These tend to be quite social occasions, so new members may find it useful to pack a folding chair in the car boot!  Some members like to go to the pub for lunch after a walk.  A great way to forge new friendships.

On longer walks picnic lunches are en route.



Those members who are no longer able to join walks because of physical limitations etc, are invited to join any of the picnic  or pub lunches.  We love to see them after the walk - as well as at our social events.



In the interests of safety, dogs are not accepted on walks - except for guide dogs.



There is a chance about half way through a walk for an "apple break" where there you can take a rest,  have a snack and drink.  Also the opportunty for a "comfort stop" under cover of the bushes.    The rule is Gents - forward  -  Ladies  -  back


Yearly membership fees are £5 with an initial joining fee of £3